Small D-shape Car Door Rubber Seal Strip, 13FT

Size :


Small D-shape Car Door Rubber Seal Strip
Made of high-quality EPDM green rubber, performs excellently in flexibility, waterproof, dustproof, soundproof and glutinosity.
Used on side of car doors, boot, engine, door frame, window.
Reduce wind noise and road noise effects, more comfortable while driving.
Keep dust and rain out of your car and make it tidy as new.
Properly buffered against door slamming and protect your car.
Enhance the leakproofness of your car, improve air conditioner efficiency, reduce fuel consumption.


Type: Small D-Type
Material: EPDM Rubber
Color: Black
Size: 4M/157" x 0.43" x 0.39"(L x W x H)
Qty: 1Pcs

Package Included:

One roll of 4m/13ft small D-Type car weatherstrip

Installation Method:

1: The body must take before pasting paste parts deal with clean, do not have any stains and moisture.
2: After pasting to keep clean, do not suffer long against dirt and water, otherwise it will lose viscidity, there will be an open plastic phenomenon.
3: Paste selected bits identify the paste will start from the front side door seal the lower end of the rod began to carry out a little pressed paste, be careful not to pull the seal a little action, try to keep the prototype seal slowly aligned identify the Paste the path carefully paste; position in the corner of the door frame, seal very gentle to pay attention to bend away type, do not bend too fast aesthetic impact. Figure fast not seek hurry, so as to ensure results.
4: All pasted into After the check, after a while the time were thoughtful and meticulous hand pressing it, you can call it a day, and this time it is best not to close, wide-open doors on 20 minutes after a closed-door, Then the best other 3 - 5 hours before normal use to open the door.
5: Complete ban after pasting a hand to pull the seal ban car washing water on in three days as much as possible not to repeatedly switch the door within 24 hours.
6: Construction of close will be a little tight, please do not worry, in the first 2-3 days when you can normal.
7: Please everyone in 1-2 days time more attention to the door is not closed, safety first.


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Small D-shape Car Door Rubber Seal Strip, 13FT
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